You have reached this page because your computer does not allow cookies. Our shopping system requires you to have cookies enabled on your browser.

What is a cookie?
Cookies are harmless pieces of information stored on your computer. They may contain information such as the username you use when visiting a particular site, or keep track of the number of times you have visited a site.
Cookies can only be read by you, or the web site that created the cookie in the first place.

Why do you use cookies?
We use cookies to store a unique identity code for your basket . This allows us to securely keep track of the items in your basket, so that you can easily recommence your order if anything goes wrong half way through the shopping process. It also enables you to store items in your basket from different merchants who use the same shopping system.

What should I do?
To use the shopping system on our site, you must ensure that your computer will accept cookies. Most internet browsers (for example Microsoft Internet Explorer) will allow you selectively allow and disallow cookies. If you use Internet Explorer, then you can enable cookies by:
1: Go to the 'Tools' menu
2: Click on 'Internet Options'
3: Click 'Privacy'
4: Move the slider to a lower setting.

I've got some more advanced settings...
The minimum that you need to set is as follows: persistent session

Optionally you get the best use of the system if you set persistent

NOTES: persistent
This is so that you can abandon a basket and come back and continue a few days later, this is not possible with a session cookie. session
This is required for log-on to our system persistent (optional)
This allows additional functionality within our system such as a
- reminder of your username when you try to logon
- machine tracking so that the system can notify you if another machine logs on using your account.

This hasn't been a problem with other sites...
Most websites don't use cookies as they are 'static', ie they just display information. Most 'dynamic' sites where the information changes according to the choices you make on the website use cookies to store information about you.

I've updated my settings, but it's still not working.
If you have enabled cookies, and you still cannot use our shopping system, then please do one of the following:
1: Contact with details of the problem, plus the details of your computer and the browser you are using. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
2: Contact the supplier directly. Most suppliers using this shopping system will be happy to take your order over the telephone.
3: Try using a different computer - another computer may be setup differently and will allow you to use the shopping basket.

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